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Exclusively for travel bloggers and creators, Journeyer makes it easier to connect with your followers, promote your travel blogs and help them discover all your most important content.

Why Journeyer?


Custom links that power your business.

If you have a shop, discount codes, social accounts, donation portal or a website, you can add custom links to your bio. 


Choose which content you want to display. 

Whether you're posting about travel tips or a new blog on your website, share only the most important content that you want your users to find.


Empower your users through search.

Your users can now easily search for specific content within your bio based on keywords that you add to each post.


Analyze your performance metrics.

Review analytics for each post based on the number of outbound clicks they received, so you can see your best performers. 


Be supported from your biggest fans.

Powered by Paypal, your supporters can donate directly to you, where you keep 100%, minus Paypal fees. 


And the best part?
It's 100% Free!

With each user being redirected to your prior posts, you'll receive additional likes, comments and shares, all for free. 

The missing link between you and your community.

With Journeyer, you can stop worrying about if your followers aren’t scrolling down far enough to see that awesome microblog you posted about.

Or forgetting to bookmark a post for future reference (even though you told them too!).

Or not finding that 1 post out of your 100 gorgeous shots, where you shared the best place you ate in Paris!

All they have to do now is click your link in bio and they’ll be able to discover the content that is most relevant to them!

How it works.



As Journeyer is only for Travel Bloggers and Creators, we will review your website and/or social accounts and will contact you to verify ownership.



Start adding your information, custom links, social profiles and blog posts to your bio.  



You'll receive a unique link based on your Instagram name, that you can share directly in all your social media bios. 

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